QUIZ: 25 years of Fairtrade – Then and now

How much do you know about Fairtrade? Try our quiz celebrating 25 years of Fairtrade

#1 How many Fairtrade farmers and workers are there around the world today?

#2 This year the Fairtrade Minimum Price in cocoa was increased by how much?

#3 The FAIRTRADE Mark is 25 years old this year. Which of the below brands have also been selling Fairtrade products for at least 25 years?

#4 Which country in 2018 confirmed their first Fairtrade School?

Note: currently there are more than 1,000 Fairtrade Schools in the UK

#5 In 2016 Fairtrade coffee farmers around the world received €74m in Fairtrade Premium in total. How much did they receive in 2007?

#6 Workers on Fairtrade plantations invested a third of all Fairtrade Premium they earned in 2016 in two key areas. What were they?

#7 A living income – what a typical cocoa farmer needs for the basics like school fees, decent food and clean water – is currently around £1.86 a day in Côte d’Ivoire. How much on average does a typical cocoa farmer in that country earn per day?

#8 Which country has the highest number of Fairtrade producer groups?

#9 Which former host of Countdown and star of The Apprentice is also a Fairtrade Foundation patron?



Well Done!

You clearly know your stuff when it comes to Fairtrade!

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