Fairtrade Sports Balls for Mossley

Fairtrade Fortnight will kick off a whole year of events to take Fairtrade further. 

We recently set ourselves a new target –

to provide a Fairtrade sports ball to all six Mossley schools.

This seems to be an all-win situation, promoting Fairtrade, sport (especially following the Olympics), giving a gift to our local schools and supporting the communities who benefit from the sale of these Fairtrade balls.

In Mossley businesses and community groups have already gone further by providing Fairtrade sports balls to all six Mossley schools. Various local businesses were approached and several kindly agreed to sponsor the balls.

Due to the enthusiastic response we now have twoFairtrade sports balls for each school. These will be presented to the schools during Fairtrade Fortnight 25th Feb to 10th March.

Presenting Thank-you Certificates to Business Sponsors

Presenting Thank-you Certificates to Business Sponsors


Sponsors are DPL Chartered Surveyors, Jurang Fair Trade, Lime Tree Café,  MIDHS, MAM – Melanie Anderson Marketing, Mossley Browser, Mossley Business Network, Mossley Tax Shop, Mossley Traditional Whit Friday Committee, Skools Out and Fairtrade Mossley Steering Group.

The Fairtrade system gives workers and stitchers in the sports ball industry an opportunity to improve their lives. Wages for hired labour workers must equal at least their country’s national minimum wage. Producers do not use child labour. An additional Fairtrade premium provides funds for community health and education projects.

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