Goal Three

Goal 3: Fairtrade products used by a number of local workplaces and community organisations whenever possible


A number of local workplaces, community groups and faith communities support Fairtrade at events and with donations, publicity and using Fairtrade tea and coffee etc whenever possible. 

All Mossley schools are supporting the Fairtrade movement. They hold several events and activities during Fairtrade Fortnight. In the past we have given Fairtrade Sports Balls to all Mossley Schools and been on Adventures with Fair Ted 

Fairtrade Mossley can provide information about Fairtrade issues and details of Fairtrade Fortnight activities for schools, churches, businesses or community groups. Please contact us for derails.

Mossley Fairtrade Directory
If you sell at least four Fairtrade products or use Fairtrade products in your workplace, school or place of worship, the steering group would like  to hear from you so that they can help to promote sales of your Fairtrade products and also recognise your support for Fairtrade by including you in the online directory

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