Goal Two

Goal 2: A range of Fairtrade products are readily available



The second goal on our journey to becoming a Fairtrade Town was to ensure Fairtrade products we’re available to buy in our town.

For a town with the population of Mossley the goal is to have a minimum of 4 retail outlets and 2 catering outlets serving Fairtrade products.

We are fortunate in having Mossley Co-op on our doorstep. Also Mossley Organic and Fine Food have a range of Fairtrade products. Several convenience stores sell Fairtrade chocolate.

There are several cafes offering a choice of Fairtrade beverages and we continue to encourage other catering outlets to offer some Fairtrade refreshments and join the campaign.  

We have provided point of sale window stickers for stockists to display in their shop windows and Fairtrade certificates of thanks to supporters of the campaign.

If you know of a retail or catering outlet which already sells Fairtrade goods or would be willing to please let the Fairtrade Mossley Steering Group know, you can get in touch here.

You can see all of our supporters on the Fairtrade Town Directory.

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