Goal One

Goal 1: Local Council passes a resolution supporting Fairtrade.


Extract from Town Council Minutes for 11th November 2009

Fairtrade in Mossley.

Councillor Carter reported upon the action taken since the last meeting to elicit support for Fairtrade in Mossley.

RESOLVED: That this Council supports Fairtrade and will work to encourage all organisation in the Town to support the Fairtrade initiative and to follow the lead of the Council in serving Fairtrade products in their premises and businesses.

An extra resolution was passed on 9th November 2011 (minute 928) outlining in more detail the  support Mossley Town Council will give Fairtrade.  

Mossley Town Council annually appoints two councillors as Town Council representatives to serve on the Fairtrade Mossley Steering Group.

Fairtrade Mossley has won  several Awards.

Fairtrade Town since 2011. Proudly Supported by: