Fair Ted’s Adventures

Fairtrade Mossley’s new project Fair Ted’s Adventures will be launched at Fair Ted’s Picnic.

As part of our continued promotion of Mossley Fairtrade Town Status all primary schools, churches and some community groups will receive a gift of a Fair Ted.

Fair Ted will have a journal to record his Fairtrade adventures and journeys until September.

We hope everyone involved enjoys searching out Fairtrade products and logos and learns that together we do make a difference in ensuring trade is fair.


Ten ideas for Fair Ted’s Adventures to get you started

  •  He can attend events as you serve Fairtrade tea, coffee and sugar
  • Take him with a friend to a café for a Fairtrade brew
  • He can go to work with you and take a Fairtrade banana for lunch
  • Take him on a shopping trip and buy a Fairtrade product
  • Let him help you bake Fairtrade cakes
  • Play Fairtrade games –  he will make a good referee!
  • Take him on holiday and look for the Fairtrade logo
  • Let him go for a sleepover and drink Fairtrade chocolate
  • Share breakfast with him – have a Fairtrade banana on your cereal
  • Take him on your journeys and play spot the Fairtrade sign

Be imaginative and creative and have fun!


We would love to see what you are doing send your pictures, you can upload them on Fair Ted’s brand new website at fairtrademossley.org/ted (He’s on his way!)

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