Big Fairtrade Breakfast Champion Award

fteddyFair Ted is proud to announce that Fairtrade Mossley has received the runner-up Big Fairtrade Breakfast Champion Award in the annual Fairtrade Campaign Awards. The group was recognised for their commitment to raising awareness about the principles and values of Fairtrade in their local community during Fairtrade Fortnight 2016. The Big Fairtrade Breakfast Champion Award is given to a group that has created an integrated, well-planned and creative campaign that reached lots of people, engaged the media, and communicated the Fairtrade message imaginatively.


Adam Gardner, Communities Campaigns Manager at the Fairtrade Foundation, said: “Fairtrade Mossley has made an exceptional commitment to farmers and workers around the globe who are continuously working hard to bring us the products we love. All too often these communities are not receiving a fair price for their work, but campaigners from Mossley have shown their dedication to this cause. It’s so important for communities to get involved and let their voice be heard.

Find out more about the Awards on the Fairtrade Foundation Website.






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