Bean to Bar Story

‘I DESERVE A LITTLE TREAT – SHE DESERVES A LIVING INCOME’ artwork Made by ReCreate who are very happy to offer their support to Fairtrade Mossley.


This year, to mark Fairtrade Fortnight ReCreate teamed up with Fairtrade Mossley to create an impressive piece of art! The group aims to use recycled and surplus materials in its projects. This year they asked local groups and school children to save chocolate wrappers for use in their artwork.


This not only provided materials for the display but also enabled ReCreate to connect with local people to discuss the real lives behind our chocolate treats and highlight the often overlooked impact of the choices we make as consumers and the effect this has on real people’s lives. 


This year’s campaign was particularly poignant as people view chocolate as a treat, an indulgence, which contrasts starkly with the lack of basic necessities for the women farmers who plant & grow the cocoa beans. 


The very impressive  BEAN TO BAR display shows how women cocoa farmers begin the process of turning cocoa pods into chocolate treats. Notice the way the group have given the women clothes and headdresses utilising the background images from the campaign posters.


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